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A Rare Couple Of 21 Years Will Show You A Step-By-Step System Of How To Quickly and Easily Have A Happy, Juicy
Intimate Relationship, Beyond Your
Wildest Imagination....

In A Few Minutes, Start Leaving Behind FOREVER All Of Your Pain, Unhappiness, Depression, Loneliness, Despair, Fears, Doubts And Worries!!!

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Dear friend,

Do you dream of having a lasting joyous intimate relationship but how do you do that?

Are you and your partner arguing a lot? Are you unhappy and stuck? Experiencing challenges in your partnership or even on the brink of divorce?

Perhaps you want to grow and your partner doesn't?

Are you single and have had a series of broken relationships and still long for a deeply satisfying relationship and don't know where to turn?

Are you finding that you are attracting partners that are afraid of commitment or still married?

Are you frustrated because you can't find the answers to what you want? And you are sick and tired of being sick and tired? And you feel there's got to be more than this miserable existence.

If so, you're not alone. Because....

"it's extremely difficult - if not impossible - to find specific information on how to be happy and sustain an exceptionally JUICY relationship."

Until now....

With all due respect whatever you may have tried, from books, seminars to therapy, hasn't worked and could well have cost you a lot of money. And that's probably why you've come to this site. We've been there ourselves and we relate to your frustations.

Here we'll equip you with sureproof tools for you and your partner/partner-to-be to embrace your challenges rather than run away from them.

You'll find out how to avoid the top common mistakes that lead couples to breakup and divorce, costing great emotional and financial strife.

Did you know that the average divorce in America costs $30,000?

Here you will quickly learn vital steps that are easy to apply from a couple that has been through the trenches and back.

Hi, we're Cary and Wendy Valentine and we are very excited to share this info with you that will absolutely help your relationship flourish and if you are single will thoroughly prepare you for a juicy romance.

How can we make such a bold claim?

Because we ourselves were on the brink of divorce, miserable and depressed and we are not there anymore.

We triumphed over this dried-up near
divorce situation and now are juicier, more vibrant and happier than we have ever been and it keeps getting better and better! And it will for you too!!!

We have successfully coached many others just like you that have transformed their life and relationship.

Although we have both loved our full schedule of teaching music and internationally performing along with other artisitic ventures, it has become crystal clear for us both that imparting this information on how to create and sustain a genuinely happy flourishing relationship is above and beyond our greatest purpose, dedication and passion.

Yes, you can have the relationship of your dreams. And yes, you can keep it juicy even with kids!!!

This leading-edge 7 Step System will take you by the hand and show you how to transform any fear, doubt, worry, insecurities and difficulites in your relationship into confidence, vibrancy, becoming a great working team.

Here's a shockingly true story......

The moment we realized the crucial importance of sharing this system with others was when we were at a rehearsal dinner and overheard one of the best friends of the groom say to him, "Enjoy these last nights because your sex life is about to end." Ouch....Sad but so true for most couples, wouldn't you say? The beginning of the end.

Upon hearing this we shockingly looked at each other and decided right then and there we were going do something about this. We started to share with others what we have learned from our mistakes over many years and how you can easily overcome your challenges no matter how difficult your situation may be.

From using this system friends, family and co-workers are going to be asking you where did you get that happy glow? And even your children are going to giggle when they see Mommy and Daddy kissing again while making pancakes for breakfast.

Please read and listen to some success stories of people like you who have used our Happy 365™ System to help them achieve their dreams...

 Sebastian Romero & Fawne Frailey "From Lyme Disease to radiant health... which transformed my intimate relationship."

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 Sebastian Romero & Fawne Frailey "I now know my level of happi-
ness efects not only me but my husband and children."

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This past week we started to go through the Happy 365 System we bought from you and we have completed the first two chapters and answered the questions about ourselves and about how we thought our partner answered the questions. Tonight we are going to complete Chapter 3 and will learn how we should relay our responses to each other. It is very exciting and I feel that we are doing all that we can to salvage a relationship. We have so much going for us and have much to gain by making things "juicy".

I am really thankful to you both for sharing your talents with us and for being so warm and understanding. The ball is rolling now and there will be changes for good in our lives. We can't possibly endure another 25 years the way it has been for these past 25.

I can't wait until we are ready for our 30 minute consultation with you.

Sincere appreciation and love to you,

B.P. - Utah

A little about us ....

21 years ago we fell in love and everything was great. We met at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Cary a drummer/percussionist, attending on scholarship and Wendy was teaching the international musicians English-As-A-Second-Language.

Serendipitously, Cary was preparing to study a year in Brazil to tour, record and learn the culture and Wendy had just returned from teaching and performing for 4 years in Brazil. Over the adventurous year we wrote long letters to each other deepening our friendship.

When Cary returned, our romance began. Then over the years the juiciness in the bedroom and in our life began to evaporate away. 8 years ago we hit rock bottom, wondered how we got there and then decided to do something about it.

Can you relate?

We tried it all, we became yoga teachers, massage therapists, went on long silent meditation retreats, ate healthy diets, did therapy and even ran a successful health spa in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado administering enough enemas for a lifetime! And we were humbled to find nothing worked permanently to shift our individual core of unhappiness that seemed to always resurface no matter what.

Searching for the answers to get out of our misery help came in an unexpected way. Old friends called us out of the blue and told us something that changed the course of our lives forever and will yours too.

What our friends told us was so powerful and shook us to our core, propelling us to sell our home and spa business and led us on a quest that lasted 4 years.

We lived on their 80 acre wildlife refuge in the middle of nowhere in the desert of Idaho. Our closest neighbor was 5 miles away and we lived amongst coyotes, rattlesnakes and badgers. Although initially we were scared by the rattlesnakes and coyotes, believe it or not, we learned to befriend them.

We intensively lived like scientists and simply like monks, researching ourselves, questioning and dissecting every thought, yearning to discover how to get out of our pain.

Surprisingly over time, this system unearthed itself in front of our eyes like an archaeologist discovering a lost city.

You'll discover the impressive Map of Choice as a guide to genuine lasting happiness, regardless of what difficulties you are going through.

We are not telling you all of this to brag about our accomplishments. We are telling you this to show you that what we say is for real and that we want you to succeed.

We never could have imagined to be in such a happy place and what breaks our hearts is to see a lot of lonely singles and unhappy people in difficult or broken relationships that could've been prevented had they known the tools in this system. Because the short of it is

Having a juicy lasting intimate relationship is no easy task - until now...

Those who are familiar with our courses and coaching programs over the years know our background as teachers and long-time seminar facilitators and know that we lay out constantly new great lesson plans and take people from A to Z in a step-by-step manner.

Thanks to their encouragement and our burning desire to help people, we are now making this complete system available to you for the first time ever.

For the past 12 months we had a one-pointed focus, sitting our butts down by the computer and dumping all of our tips, tricks and secrets into it, plus mistakes we have made and personal stories and wisdom we have lived through for the past 21 years of our relationship.

By the time we were done with this time-consuming process of editing down stacks and stacks of paper we had written ...

Over 160 pages chock-full of invaluable information, a step-by-step system on how to be happy and have an amazing relationship.

Our drive is constantly fueled by our dream to see a world full of happy, thriving, juicy, successful, couples. We know this goal is far-reaching but there is nothing more that we are dedicated to seeing through.

We wish you great success in your relationship and life. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cary and Wendy Signatures


We are calling this system....

Happy 365™ - 7 Step System To A
Juicy Intimate Relationship

photo of book

Regardless of your circumstance,
you can successfully follow this system.

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We can guarantee, with complete certainty, that you will succeed in having the relationship of your dreams.....

by following this system in small steady steps each day. You will quickly see remarkable progress. No, this is not a magic pill nor will we sugarcoat the dedication a relationship requires. If you think by doing nothing is going to change everything, this system is not for you. However, when you do apply yourself, the rewards will be boundless!

Here’s a sampling of what the Happy 365™ System will do for YOU...

green checkmark Learn the single most important tool to have a lasting deeply fulfilling relationship, guaranteed.
green checkmark How to stop cycling in negative patterns, which will propel your relationship to an extraordinary new level.
green checkmark Uncover the hidden meaning of doubt and never be effected by fear ever again.
green checkmark Incorporate the most powerful tool to forever end any painful childhood memories, addictions or any recycling patterns.
green checkmark Increase the intimacy in your relationship level through exceptional Call To Action experiences at the end of each chapter.
green checkmark The secret to stepping beyond the label of pain.
green checkmark Learn how to be free of unresolved feelings from past break-ups.
green checkmark How to avoid the 5 most common problems that lead to break-up and divorce.
green checkmark Discover the tools for you and your partner to take a quantum leap to your success.
green checkmark Experience a personal & relationship overhaul through over 160 pages bursting full of never-before-revealed information.
green checkmark 3 full-proof ways to experience ecstatic levels of pleasure in your relationship.
green checkmark Men - the keys to warming your lady's heart and experiencing a rich life of lovemaking.
green checkmark Women - discover how your man can support you to feel and look radiantly beautiful every second of the day!
green checkmark Learn the secrets of looking and feeling at least 20 years younger without any drugs or products.
green checkmark 5 reasons to end the negative life-zapping effects of judging, self-doubt, blame and jealousy.
green checkmark The benefits of forever ending the burden of worrying about your body and financial capabilities.
green checkmark Learn to end depression without drugs.
green checkmark Unsurpassed ways to unlock joy and life-force at unprecedented levels.
green checkmark 20 questions that will open up deep levels of intimacy with your partner.
green checkmark Learn how to never again have a conversationless dinner with your lover.
green checkmark Open up to your partner and discover things you never knew (and may have been afraid to ask) and never be bored again.
green checkmark The keys to laughing and having buckets of fun together.
green checkmark How to never be afraid to have a fight, appropriately resolving conflicts quickly, resulting in hearts opening, and smiles.
green checkmark Understand and incorporate the groundbreaking matrix of Man and Woman.
green checkmark Discover the tool that will keep you constantly happy and vibrant.
green checkmark 3 awesome cutting-edge communication tools that have been time-tested by countless couples that will blast open a whole new depth in your relationship.
green checkmark Discover how a woman we coached turned her life around from being bedridden for years with Lyme disease to now vibrantly healthy with a successful photography career. Be inspired by how her relationship completely turned around from her health breakthroughs. All from one tool in this system.
green checkmark The truth about Michael Jackson, Larry King and Anderson Cooper and what rarely known experience they share.
green checkmark Read a riveting true letter that Cary wrote to Wendy that dramatically turned their relationship around and will yours too.
green checkmark Find out what really runs your life.
green checkmark Discover the greatest gift you can ever give to your partner, child or world.
green checkmark 44 amazing movie recommendations to keep your relationship juicy and real.

From investing in this Happy 365™ System, step-by-step you will experience the relationship of your dreams....

photo of couple

.... and reward yourself with invaluable transformational information like .....

green checkmark The secret to ending jealousy forever.
green checkmark 4 words rescrambled that will inspire you beyond belief.
green checkmark An agreement that will divorce-proof your life.
green checkmark Hidden inspiring treasures lying within the classics Wizard of Oz and Cinderella.
green checkmark A key phrase that keep you and your partner laughing and in love!
green checkmark The secret to magnetizing your perfect partner.
green checkmark 3 ways for women to feel luscious and radiantly beautiful inside and out.
green checkmark Men, the startling key for your money to flow in like honey. much more!

These are just some of the highlights of what's included in the Happy 365™ System. As you experience the transformational effects of this material on you and your relationship, you'll never look the back and you won't want to either.

Being happy and having a deeply satisfying relationship isn't hard, it's simply new and now you can have the system of how to do it.

Consider this...

People spend years and 1,000's of dollars in therapy and couples counseling which can be helpful but often leaves them cycling in the same miserable stories which in many cases leads to heart-wrenching break ups, and very costly divorces and broken families.

The good news is...

From our extensive research and knowledge, this is the first full-proof relationship system ever being offered of how to 100% put happiness into your own hands individually and collectively, becoming juicy and staying juicy, as you clear and end all past and present painful stories and woes very quickly.

We have seen tremendous results in our relationship and in many others that have utilized the Happy 365™ System as well.

We often comment to each other saying, "Where would we be without these tools? One thing is for sure we wouldn't be together and we certainly wouldn't be happy regardless if we were in another relationship or not."

The tools in this system have completely changed
our lives, and they will change yours, too.

Is having a deeply satisfying juicy intimate relationship something you want to leave to chance?

With the Happy 365™ System nothing is left to chance. Every tool, trick and tip is easily spelled out for you.

Starting in the next few minutes. All of this amazing information is specially made available for you in a quick and easy download digital format.

Don't worry if you're not computer savvy, the instructions will be super easy to follow.

Here's what you'll get:

picture of CDs

Happy 365™ - 7 Step System To A Juicy Intimate Relationship

162 Page Manual & 8 Audio Set

This interactive Manual is brimming with inspiring wisdom of real life accounts that will put you in the driver's seat to an incredible new life with your partner or partner-to-be. Through this innovative step-by-step proven systematic approach, you will step out of all levels of pain, fear, worry, doubt, and depression forever and experience happiness at unprecedented levels with your relationship, family and purpose, soaring to success!

The 8 Audio Set is a complete audio version of the Manual read by the authors and is a convenient effective way to experience this material on the way to work, exercising, etc. Constantly reminding you of these exciting life transforming tools!

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You'll also receive an exclusive bonus package worth $307 absolutely FREE!


"Test Drive" the Happy 365™ System for the next 60 days with absolutely no risk so you can see for yourself how much you and your relationship improves. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee.

You will not only be satisfied, we guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with our system or you can simply email us and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

Cary and Wendy Valentine
Happy 365™ System

We are certain that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. And, in addition, we are going to go over the top and give you even more, so we have put together the following powerful BONUS package for you.

ORDER TODAY and you'll also receive the following:



This bonus alone is worth the value of the whole system unto itself!

The first 100 people who invest in this system will have the rare opportunity to have a personalized one-on-one live 30 - minute telephone consultation with coaches Cary and Wendy Valentine. This exclusive session will support you on taking a quantum leap in fulfilling your relationship dreams.

If you are one of the lucky 100, you will receive an additional email shortly after your purchase announcing the details in claiming this gift.

Workbook and CD

Dreams Come True
Vision Board

7 Essential Keys To Success &
Audio (Retail Value $99)

Wendy Valentine has been successfully writing wish lists, long before the Law Of Attraction became widely embraced. People have commented often that she is so lucky to have all that she has.

Wendy graciously answers, "This is not luck, this is simply holding true to your wish list and feeling it until it manifests. I am delighted to share this exceptional Vision Board with you, knowing that your confidence will soar as you see all of your dreams come true in front of your eyes."

This interactive guide and audio will give you the magic answers, helping you get crystal clear in what your heart wants to manifest. Here you'll learn THE SECRET BEHIND THE SECRET, clearing out whatever is in the way to experience all of your dreams, in the areas in relationship, body & health, finances & profession and your purpose.

Workbook and CD


Happy 365 Quick Start Guide Audio

(Retail Value $65)

This lively audio, read by Cary & Wendy Valentine, highlights the key elements of the Happy 365 System, in a fun and informal manner. A great companion audio to inspire you over and over again, keeping your life and relationship juicy.

Your World is your wand

Your Word is Your Wand Affirmation Audio

(Retail Value $18)

Special 75th Year
Anniversary Edition

Listen to this special inspiring audio of remarkable affirmations by Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940), considered to be the Mother of Metaphysics, read by Cary Valentine. Ms. Shinn is one of America's beloved and best-selling inspirational authors, helping thousands of people with her books.

The moving affirmations range from marriage, children, business, to even pets.

This audio is based on Ms. Shinn's system of how to attract an everlasting supply of love, wealth, health and your purpose.

Enhanced with enchanting nature sounds blended with Wendy's angelic singing voice and Cary's powerful drumming.


By investing in this System you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why put off your happiness for one more second, when you can start now creating the juicy deeply fullfilling relationship of your dreams?

Yes, Cary and Wendy, I definitely want
The Happy 365™ System.

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Over $500 worth of value

This collection includes:


Retails for $297


P.S. Don't delay as we definitely don't want you to miss out on the very specialized gift of the one-on-one free 30 minute consultation with both, Cary and Wendy Valentine.

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